White looks have increasingly become a favourite amongst trendsetters and designers worldwide. Gone are the days of wearing an LBD to those formal occasions. An all-white/white ensemble is a classic look that is here to stay!

Don’t fret about wine spills and makeup smudges on white clothes. Embrace the refreshing look and maybe, keep that stain remover pen handy in case of a klutzy mishap!

Pacify your fears by selecting the most complementing and flattering hues of white for your skin tone to make it more wearable. What does that look like, you might ask? You thought we’d leave you hanging? Read on!

The Right White for Your Skin Tone

Fair Complexions: opt for shades with a yellow undertone like soft white, instead of the traditional stark white. With its added warmth, this shade will not make you appear washed out. You can find alluring fabrics like silk that can make particular shades of white seem less sharp, which makes it a perfect choice for our fair skinned beauties.

Olive Complexions: go for cooler whites that have pink and red undertones like champagne or ivory. These shades complement women with this radiant complexion as it helps to neutralize the greenish and gray tones in the skin.
Medium Complexions: pick creamier shades of white like vanilla or diamond white, which are more on the softer side, with golden and pink undertones that will keep you from looking too flushed.

Dark/Deep/Rich Complexions: you have the ability to wear almost all shades of white, from cool to warm to neutral undertones. You also have the advantage of showing off your white outfits in an array of fabrics and textiles! So please, tell us how it feels to be God’s favourite?

Whew! Now that we’ve gotten the harder stuff out of the way, let’s navigate the top 10 ways to wear white outfits, inspired from the streets and runways.

1. Dresses

There are plenty of ways to wear a little white dress as they come in an array of uniquely flattering styles. Elect from a ravishing slip dress or a flamboyant one for a cocktail party, to a long strapless summer dress for a day by the pool, or a shift midi dress for that important business meeting. Peruse our options of white dresses.

Make your presence known with statement pieces like a bold necklace or bright coloured pumps. In everything you do, make sure to wear the right material for the occasion, as some fabrics can downplay your dress, making you appear very casual, while others will dress up the look even when the setting doesn’t call for it.

Don’t forget to wear a comfortable slip underneath your beautiful white dress. Choose a nude shade closest to your skin tone for a smooth and opaque structure.

2. Pant Suits

Pant suits have been seen on many celebrities ranging from oversized styles to sporty alternatives. However, we like to use the pant suit as a formal and unconventional option.

Prepare to be the centre of attention at fancy events when you wear crisp white tailored, double breasted jackets and dramatic wide legged trousers. You’ll be seen before you’re heard in a pant suit, as they are super sophisticated and feminine. Top off your suit with a white plunge neck top or a more modest high neck top. Tuck your desired top into your pants to show off your chic belt.

3. Skirts

Skirts provide the luxury of being super playful, subtly flirty, or both, depending on the cut and how you want to work it. They offer flexibility and can be easily combined to suit different tastes, moods, and occasions. White high-waisted, flared, maxi and A-line skirts can be paired with virtually any coloured top of your liking.

Monochromatic is alright with us! Try a white top and a cropped jacket along with your white skirt. To reduce the intensity of an all-white skirt outfit, a bright coloured jacket will do just the trick.

4. Jump Suits

Take the leap with a stylish all-white jump suit. The key to wearing a jumpsuit is finding one with a fit that isn’t too loose or tight. Wearing a tight jumpsuit might give off Catwoman vibes, while loose fitting ones will hide your figure, similar to a painter suit. You also want one that will cinch your waist for a curvier appearance.

Jumpsuits can be worn to formal events once you complete it with a blazer, heels and dazzling accessories and jewelry.

5. Accessories

Allow your unconventional personality to shine with necklaces and jewelry. Go for those chic pieces like feathered pendants, glass beads, chunky jewels, or long chain necklaces.

For earrings, try a pair of thin hoops, chandelier earrings or simple studs in either gold, silver or rose gold.

Belts and waist cinchers create such a flattering silhouette. Try incorporating them with your white dresses, especially with flowy, bohemian styles.

Take your all-white outfit to the next level with killer bags, from clutches, to wristlets, to the traditional handbag. Select one with a pop of colour like reds, blues, greens or the more everyday option like your neutrals.

A rule of thumb for selecting your accessories: always be mindful of the occasion.

We dare you to uncover your boldness and try these tips! Visit us again for the continuation of our list of ways to wear white unconventionally in our next blog post!