Allow us to reintroduce ourselves! We are Blanc by Jou, designers of white occasional couture for the bold and unconventional woman! Think: elegance meets edgy!

Just over two years ago, we established this brand and have not looked back since, working tirelessly and patiently behind the scenes to get it right. Ok, let’s take it from the top!


Blanc was established in 2018 by Georgette Jou, a Ghanaian entrepreneur and fashion powerhouse with a refreshingly unorthodox dress-sense. Prior to the birth of the brand, Jou relocated from Ghana to the United Kingdom to pursue career opportunities in the corporate world.

Her passion for perfection prompted her enrollment in the London School of Fashion, where she refined her skillset in fashion design, visual merchandising, textiles, production, and entrepreneurship.

Becoming the go-to fashion consultant for her family and friends, Jou knew she harbored a gift that was destined to be shared with the world. She was, and is still, seen as an individual whose style is mod and opulent. These qualities are evident in the dresses you’ll find on our website!


But, why white? Simple! Blanc by Jou thrives off of perfection and white represents just that. White, or ” Blanc” in French, often depicts a blank slate, symbolizing a beginning or a clean fresh start.

In this same vein, we approach each design on a blank slate, marking the beginning of a showstopping masterpiece.

To breathe life into our designs, we select luxurious fabrics and meticulously account for each detail, as we make dresses that are flattering, customizable, and complements all shapes and sizes.

We believe that you deserve to adorn yourself in pieces that celebrate your status and unique personality because “one size fits all” does not resonate with us. At all!

Our Website is Live!

Are you ready for an online shopping experience like no other? Brace yourself because you’re about to be enamoured by our gorgeous ready-to-wear and custom designs. Shop now. We can’t wait to see how you style our dresses.

Finally, here we are after countless sleepless nights, trials and errors, yeses and nos, sketch after sketch! Our dedicated team has pulled it together to give beautiful women all over the world another medium to uncover their fearlessness and flaunt it unapologetically.

We are extremely proud to revolutionize the African fashion scene and strive to be global trendsetters. The sky is not our limit, and it shouldn’t be yours either!

What to expect?

Be on the lookout for our upcoming blog posts. We are sure to inspire while encouraging you to channel your own boldness. Join our tribe on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Linkedin and YouTube to have a front row seat as our journey unravels.

Welcome to Blanc by Jou! For her, Unconventionally.