Fashion is an artform that allows us to express ourselves and personalities subtly or boldly. Several personas can be channeled when we put an ensemble together: elegant, playful, formal, chic, sexy – the list is endless. Today, we are bringing sexy back with some tips on finding the balance between sexy and elegance, for the unconventional woman.   Keep reading!

Flowy is just as sexy 

Let’s start off by dispelling the myth that skin tight is the only way to achieve sexy. Now, we are all in favor of a stunning body-con look, but there is just something about a flowy top that’s ethereal and utterly sexy. The shorts, skirt or other bottoms you pair these with don’t necessarily have to be tight or short either. A little room never hurt anybody! 😊

This flowy midi-skirt is the epitome of flirty. With its big, soft pleats in an eye-catching colour, you are bound to turn some heads. Because of its length, this skirt (unlike a mini skirt) lends itself well to a fitted crop top for extra flavor.

A lacy maxi dress is another way to bring on the sexy and be comfortable simultaneously. You can pull off a lacy maxi dress thats lined to the knee or a little above, just to give them a little something to talk about!

And if you want to show a little tummy, but want a little assistance , just throw a sheer top over a crop top  and pair it with a high-waisted flared skirt and low-cut shoes for a retro touch.

Show a little leg 

Legs generally have some very compelling sex appeal. Butts and thighs are probably among the first things that come to mind when you think of sexy body parts, but don’t forget about your feet and ankles too! Where “less is more”, trade in a pair of short shorts for a pair of cuffed jeans. They are sleeker than capris and look very sultry with heels and a simple top. These jeans show just the right amount of ankle, but if you’re not looking to make any new purchases just yet, then you can try cuffing your longest pair of jeans .

What Can You Really See?

You know what’s incredibly sexy? Leaving a little to the imagination! You want to create mystery and intrigue with clothes that flatter.  If you are wearing a short skirt, team it with a full-sleeved blouse that lightly skims your curves. If youre wearing a revealing top, pair it with a midi skirt or smart pants. Always leave room for the imagination to work.

Brighten Up

White, green, red, purple, and yellow hues attract good attention. Be intentional with picking shades that complement your complexion. Show these amazing hues in chic tailored dresses and pencil skirts. You can also wear them in the form of coats or tops! Colors are alluring and sexy, especially when worn with a smile to match!

When in doubt wear white

What’s not to love about a classic white button down shirt? Wear one with your favourite pair of cutoffs. Wearing it a bit oversized, possibly cinched by a thin belt is its own type of sexy! And instead of buttoning all the way up, keep the top 3 or 4 buttons undone and cuff the sleeves so they hit your forearm.

Dressing sexy is something every woman can do, and do it flawlessly at that! Remember that, ultimately, sex appeal is all about confidence. Being comfortable in your own skin exudes a level of sexiness, which speaks volumes for you. Of course, fashion is such a personal statement that there is no one-size-fits-all so adapt these tips to your personal style for best results 😊.